Grand Vienna Medallion 24” x 24”


Beautiful and perfect, this Grand Vienna Mosaic Medallion Featuring the Fleur de Lis medallion with travertine marble mosaic tiles. Its perfect for a kitchen backsplash, wine cellar patio or pool area. Take French wall art into your home, ideal for any room, that needs that classy touch of mosaic art you so much want. Admiring this piece of art from any point of view makes you wonder, how it was crafted, especially from a poolside view! It somehow gives a sensation of being somewhere in Vienna. Kitchen art is so immersive, especially while drinking wine and cooking.

In addition we have different finishes, for example, Highlight Polish or Travertine, along with you also have the option to metal coat every piece of the mosaic medallion like the Fleur de Lis or the Dahlia Medallion.

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