European wall art at your disposal!

This European style medallion has an old world charm about it that catches your eye and engages your senses! With the combination of the Fleur De Elegance Borderless, Rachel’s Dot and the Studded Bracket shown in Bronze, High light Polish it is a peering sight to see in any interior or exterior! Like everything we crafted, this mosaic medallion is 100% professionally handcrafted. Anyone that comes across this fine piece of art will ask themselves how many hours does it take to create this wall art, also they will tell you how fancy does it look on your wall or near your pool. Is great to use wall art as decoration.

In addition we have different finishes, for example, Highlight Polish or Oil Rubbed along with you also have the option to metal coat every piece of the mosaic medallion like the Fleur De Elegance Borderless or the Rachel’s Dot.

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